WIRED: “メディアアートのオスカー”が、「VRドキュメンタリー」に贈られる理由:アルスエレクトロニカ・フェスティヴァル2019の見どころ

Manic VR / Kalina Bertin, Sandra Rodriguez, Nicolas S. Roy, Fred Casia CA)

Manic VR / Kalina Bertin, Sandra Rodriguez, Nicolas S. Roy, Fred Casia CA)



The reason why the "Media Art Oscar" is given to the "VR Documentary": The highlights of the Ars Electronica Festival 2019

The Ars Electronica Festival, a worldwide festival of media art, to be held in Linz, Austria from September 5th to 9th. The highest prize "Golden Nika", awarded at the competition "Pri-Ars Electronica" related to the festival, is well-known as "Oscar for Media Art". Let's look back on the award-winning works announced with Emiko Ogawa, who heads the pre-ars electronica, and introduce the highlights of this year's festival.


今年ゴールデン・ニカに輝いた作品《Manic VR》は、VRを用いた「双極性障害」に関するドキュメンタリー作品だ。




This year's work, "Manic VR," which won the Golden Nika, is a documentary about "bipolar disorder" using VR.

"The appeal of this work is limited to the experience of real human real stories. The height of the reality is appreciated by the judges as communication," said the head of Pre-Ars Electronica. Emiko Ogawa who works speaks. The jury also issued a statement saying "I admire the ambitious attempt to use the extensive animation technology to understand the situation that undermines people."

Bipolar disorder is a chronic psychiatric disorder that travels back and forth between depression, which is depressing, and the extreme mental state, which is uplifting. The director, Karina Bertin, is a woman with her brother and sister with bipolar disorder. Her brothers and sisters Felicia and François have called Carina a voicemail (a so-called answering machine) to verbalize their feelings and leave them. This is a diary of voices that travels back and forth between the bipolar and depressive states typical of bipolar disorder.

Based on voicemail records for three years, Carina reproduces life in a dark space, such as uplifting in the sky, with VR images of life that is enclosed in darkness. I made this film as an interactive documentary.